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The Preeminent Workbook for Professionals

The Blueprint to Excellence by Dr. Sarah Washington O’Neal Rush

The book includes 4 quadrants: Being, Growing, Leading, and Soaring—each designed to cultivate skills and qualities of successful attitudes toward professional growth. Each quadrant includes four of the sixteen principles, along with exercises and assignments. All the principles build upon, intersect, and strengthen each other. 



Build Healthy Self-Worth


Manage Through Change


Lead By Example


Excellence in Perseverance

A transformative program for personal and professional growth.

Along with modern day concepts on how to lead with quality and character en route to creating a lasting legacy, The Excellence Blueprint: Being, Growing, Leading, Soaring incorporates the evidence-based teachings and philosophies of one of the greatest educators who ever lived, Booker T. Washington (1856–1915). This workbook was inspired by two of his books, his bestselling autobiography, Up from Slavery and Character Building.
The cultivation of each attitude is dependent upon a keen sense of self-awareness and may require mindset changes—two key concepts of this workbook. In addition, the material in the appendices provide opportunities to enrich critical skills, e.g., effective communication, writing, time management, interpersonal relationship, and critical thinking skills.
The Blueprint is designed for rising leaders. It is particularly useful for those who desire to improve beyond what seems possible. The workbook is written so that it is helpful for individuals working at their own pace or working in groups led by facilitators, i.e., supervisors, project leaders, professors. In this ever-continuing journey of actualizing one’s potential, BTW Excellence Network (BTWEN) offers unique programs to enhance the learning experience.

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